Project title: FTTH deployment overview Q1 2009
Publication date: June 2009
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Press release

FTTH roll out in the Netherlands accelerates despite credit crisis
349 thousand homes passed March 2009 and 1 million homes passed in December 2011

HILVERSUM, THE NETHERLANDS - June 4, 2009 - Stratix Consulting BV has issued a new report on the Dutch Fibre-to-the-Home market. The Netherlands is currently one of the very few countries in Europe where genuine Fibre-to-the-Home is installed. The number of homes (households) passed has grown from 188 thousand in the first quarter of 2008 to 349 thousand in the first quarter of 2009, an increase of 85%.

216 thousand homes outfitted with connections into the meter cupboard
From 349 thousand homes passed, about 62% or 216 thousand homes are actually connected (fibre brought into the meter cupboard, ready-for-service), a growth of near 52% compared to 142 thousand homes connected in March 2008.

Until recently, most FTTH providers, mainly non-listed companies, were quite secretive on the actual subscriber numbers. Detailed data was hard to come by, while publicly listed companies were keen to shield FTTH-figures by combining them with their other Key Performance Indicators.

Number of actual subscribers grown 65% year-on-year
A team from Stratix Consulting has been able to uncover actual service subscriber numbers for nearly all projects of any scale, using local press and other public sources. From these data we can state with confidence that the number of active subscribers has grown from at least 84 thousand in the first quarter of 2008 to 139 thousand in the first quarter of 2009, an annual increase of 65%.

Stratix finds that the fibre industry is scaling up production in 2009 and regular launches in new towns and cities occur despite the credit crisis.

More detailed data per province and municipality on the Dutch FTTH market as well as Stratix' expectations and views can be found in the report.

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