Below you will find a selection of projects executed by Stratix. The names of clients operating in the private sector are not disclosed, due to confidentiality. Click on a project for more information.

  • Project title
  • Wireless Groningen (Dutch)
    • Stratix assisted the 'Stichting draadloos Groningen' in the European tender procedure to acquire a wireless mesh network with city wide coverage over Groningen.
  • Images for the Future project (Dutch)
    • Stratix is substantially involved in the consortium 'Images for the Future'. Stratix operates as a head of office for the consortium and assists the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision in European tender procedures.
  • Business planning for an IT-processing organisation (Dutch)
    • Stratix was able to provide in depth insight into the organisation's identity, ambitions and future opportunities through scenario planning and visioning.
  • Telephone numbering: Corporate numbers & ENUM (Dutch)
    • Stratix supports the Dutch government and enterprises in the introduction of number portability, carrier selection, several numbering-, naming- and addressing issues and in the development of future numbering policy.
  • Expert assignment: Market analysis for a Telecom operator (Dutch)
    • Stratix supported a Telecom operator in creating insight in the structure of the wholesale market and the size of the retail market, spread over multiple segments of direct and indirect entry methods.
  • GigaPort project by Surfnet (Dutch)
    • Gigaport offers The Netherlands the opportunity to play a leading role in the development and application of advanced, innovative Internet technology. Stratix supported SURFnet in the execution of the Gigaport project.
  • LOFAR project by ASTRON (Dutch)
    • In 2003 Stratix closely and successfully cooperated with ASTRON in developing and implementing the positioning strategy for the LOFAR-project. Since then, Stratix has been involved in ASTRON as a management adviser.

Stratix Highlights

  • FTTH deployment, overview 1Q2010
    A detailed overview of 'Fibre to the Home' connections in The Netherlands: First province reaches more than 50% homes passed. More…

  • M2M Numbers: Numbers for machines
    On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Stratix investigated the capacity in the number plan for allowing M2M- applications on mobile phone networks. More…

  • Stratix Brief: Bringing Fibre to Business
    Stratix is currently developing a solution for FttH infrastructures which allows for business grade quality optical access and creates a feasible business case for competition in FttH models. More…

  • Next Generation Networks
    On behalf of the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG) Stratix composed a position paper on the subject of Next Generation Networks (NGNs). More…