Project title: GPON as an alternative for switching in FTTH networks
Publication date: August 2006
Complete document: PDF, 162kB (Dutch) PDF


Until now, Dutch Fiber-to-the-Home (FttH) projects have exclusively applied switches in the transport of Ethernet signals. In other countries PON equipment is often applied for this. A new generation PON, called GPON, has recently entered the market. This provides more bandwidth than earlier generations of PON and when configured correctly even more bandwidth than switching. The advantage of GPON is that it is possible to build networks that can be repaired when necessary. This could improve service to the end-user in comparison to current networks. Furthermore GPON offers the possibility to provide an analogue TV signal next to the Ethernet connection, which gives providers an alternative to the still problematic IP-TV en could prove to be an advantage in acquiring less advanced users with 'conventional cabled' TV sets


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