Project title: Analogue CATV
Client: OPTA
Publication date: July 2008
Complete document: PDF, 708kB (Dutch)PDF


OPTA, the Dutch regulator of post and electronic communication, required information on the role of analogue CATV services for its analysis of the broadcasting market.

OPTA was especially interested in the factors of influence on i) the demand of end-users for analogue CATV services and ii) the supply of CATV services by cable operators, to get insight in the development of these factors in the years to come.
The report answers four questions posed by OPTA:

  • Which factors are of influence in the continuation and extend of analogue CATV services offered by cable operators (and operators of FttH networks)?
  • In which direction these factors developing, and what are the expected consequences of these developments for the next 3-5 years for the transmission of analogue CATV services?
  • What will be the role of analogue CATV services in the radio and television market for the next 3-5 years? How does the (in)availability of analogue CATV services affect Dutch consumers in their choice for CATV services based on different transmission platforms (cable, satellite, DVB-T, xDSL and FttH)? Any relevant distinction between analogue radio and analogue TV services should be documented.
  • In what period of time does Stratix expect that the majority of consumers will have completely switched to digital RTV services? Within the identified factors, what is currently indicated to be decisive for reaching this situation?

This report supported OPTA in its regulation of the broadcasting market.


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