Project title: Analysis of opportunities for payment with new media
Client: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
Publication date: March 2005
Complete document: PDF, 835kB (Dutch) PDF


Currently, there are several instruments available for payment over the Internet or by mobile phone. However, none of these instruments are being accepted broadly enough to be really successful. Many initiatives for new payment instruments could not reach critical mass and therefore gradually disappeared. This, however, does not mean that new instruments for payment do not have any chances and opportunities for success.

In a combined initiative between The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and several commercial parties, possibilities to intensify availability and utilization of payment through new media were investigated. This report displays the results of that investigation.

In the project 'Payment through new media' commercial parties together with a project team researched the chances for payment over the Internet and by mobile phone. This research showed that new instruments for payment can provide benefits for commercial parties. Such instruments can not only lead to new distribution channels for existing products and services, but can even lead to completely new services. Nevertheless, there are still certain bottlenecks for successful implementation.


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