Project title: Voice-over-packet-technology: Options for OPTA
Client: OPTA
Publication date: February 2004
Complete document: PDF, 515kB PDF


With the increasing popularity of voice-over-packet services, and specifically Voice over IP, the Dutch post and telecommunications regulator OPTA is asked on a regular basis to allocate numbers from the telephony number plan for these services. As this is very much a new and immature market, there are several areas of uncertainty which make it difficult to decide how to deal with such requests. Therefore OPTA initiated this study, based on the following general questions concerning voice-over-packet services:

  • Which voice services based on voice-over-packet technology are currently being offered?
  • What are the possible ways to implement voice-over-packet services?
  • To which markets belong the various voice-over-packet services, and to what extent do these new developing services offer a substitute for traditional telephony?
  • What are the expected developments in the voice-over-packet market?
  • What are the possible adaptations in the current number plan to facilitate voice-over packet services and what is the consequent impact of each of these adaptations?

This study is meant to address these areas by describing the current situation and trends, the issues raised through these new services, and the uncertainties for the future. The report includes scenarios based on these uncertainties, and attempts to find robust options for OPTA which will facilitate these new services without creating future problems.


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