Project title: Freeband: A broadband vision for The Netherlands
Client: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs>
Publication date: August 2001
Complete document: PDF, 774kB (Dutch) PDF


This report is the response to a trajectory of visioning and coordination, undertaken by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in combination with public research institutions and commercial parties. This trajectory was based on three consortia with research proposals. The involved institutions are Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Twente University of Technology, the Telematica Institute, KPN, Ericsson and Lucent.

The goals for this project were to develop a broad vision on the future of broadband in The Netherlands and to provide focus and cohesion to existing and future research initiatives. The involved parties formulated a collective program to realize aspects of this vision.

Th basic assumption is that broadband communication will create social and economic value. Objective for the social efforts in research and development is to remove the bottlenecks in communication and by doing so stimulating social and economic sectors. This effect would mainly be the result of improvements in productivity and availability of information. Self-evident communication and information will also increase the 'quality of life' for citizens.

To maintain the current high level of prosperity it is of importance for The Netherlands to excel in ICT, both in application and in research. The Netherlands could develop into a central point for international players in the ICT sector and sectors strongly facilitated by ICT. The Netherlands has a relatively strong initial base, due to a high quality knowledge infrastructure, a high density of population which sooner makes telecommunication infrastructure profitable, and a good position to connect to international infrastructures.


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