Stratix Brief

In the Stratix Brief, Stratix regularly provides a short article in which current developments within Stratix' field of expertise are addressed. Below you will find a selection of recent editions of the Stratix Brief.

  • Overview Stratix Briefs
  • Stratix Brief November 2008
    • Bringing Fibre to Business: A viable business model for optical fibre-based access to small & medium enterprises and corporate branch offices
  • Stratix Brief September 2008 (Dutch)
    • Dilemmas in data storage: Issues and developments surrounding the explosive growth of the amount of digitally stored information

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Stratix Highlights

  • FTTH deployment, overview 1Q2010
    A detailed overview of 'Fibre to the Home' connections in The Netherlands: First province reaches more than 50% homes passed. More…

  • M2M Numbers: Numbers for machines
    On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Stratix investigated the capacity in the number plan for allowing M2M- applications on mobile phone networks. More…

  • Stratix Brief: Bringing Fibre to Business
    Stratix is currently developing a solution for FttH infrastructures which allows for business grade quality optical access and creates a feasible business case for competition in FttH models. More…

  • Next Generation Networks
    On behalf of the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG) Stratix composed a position paper on the subject of Next Generation Networks (NGNs). More…